First Beatle Cars

These were the first cars bought by the young Beatles although Ringo was still a Hurricane when he bought his.  Rory Storm and the Hurricanes were much more successful in 1959 and 1960 than the Beatles (or whatever they were calling themselves at that time).   Hence, Ringo had a “flash” car before John, Paul, or George did.

I haven’t necessarily found images of the exact year (although they’re close) or color.  I got my information from Mark Lewisohn’s All These Years: Tune In (Extended Special Edition).  Any mistakes are mine, not his.


Standard Vanguard

Standard Vanguard

Purchased in 1959.  See page 559 of Lewisohn.

Ford Zephyr Zodiac

Ford Zephyr Zodiac

Purchased in 1960.  See page 708 of Lewisohn.

Neil Aspinall/Mona Best

Ford van

I have no idea whether this is the right model, but it is the right make, Ford.

British Ford van

Purchased in 1961.  This wasn’t the Beatles’ first mode of transport.  See page 942 of Lewisohn.


Ford Anglia 105E Deluxe


Purchased in 1962.  See page 1145 of Lewisohn.  See page 1145 of Lewisohn for information on the race of “Ford Anglia against Ford Zodiac, Beatle vs Hurricane.”


Ford Consul Classic

Ford Consul Classic

Purchased in 1962.  See page 1307 of Lewisohn.


Driving test

John passed his driving test and had cars, but was probably one of the worst drivers in the world.

John passes the driving test.
First Beatle Cars

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